Book Series

I AM Teen Becoming is a book series for teen girls ages 13-18+ that delivers a simple message of self-discovery, authenticity and self-leadership. It was created as the platform to start a personal conversation of self, with teen girls and their parents. The first book in the series is I AM Teen Becoming A Guided Journal of Self-Discovery and Self-Leadership. The journal is designed to teach readers what they don’t learn in school and what they might not hear at home. The interactive format takes teens through the deepest, honest, and most important conversation they can have with themselves.

I AM Teen Becoming also includes a parent journal that complements the teen journal, guiding and inspiring parents to reflect on their parenting goals and styles. I Am Teen Becoming The Power of Parenting evolved out of Isa’s ongoing teen coaching and focus group interactions. She kept hearing from girls about “how great it would be for my mother to also go through such a journey” and “I will be sharing this book with my mom; she needs it too.” The Power of Parenting leads parents through a 7 week · 7 questions · 7 reflections guided journey, asking them to evaluate their parenting goals and style. With renewed self-awareness, parents will develop more meaningful relationships with their teens.

Future series titles will include I AM Teen Becoming The Business of You.

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