Becoming Curriculum

The Becoming Curriculum prepares teen girls for the real world, focusing on self-discovery and self-leadership, giving them a head start in building awareness, clarity, confidence and obtaining life skills necessary to navigate on a daily basis. The curriculum is designed to build and apply practical real-life skills everyone needs … the ability to communicate, listen, think quickly and build relationships. They will be introduced and guided through concepts critical for future success.

The curriculum was developed with feedback from students and teachers and it consists of interactive modules that include real-life scenarios and role-playing. The exercises of Becoming requires active thinking and deep reflection, encouraging teen girls to explore and become aware of how and why things are, what they mean or what they cause.

The Becoming Curriculum’s philosophy is to give teen girls a head start on developing real life skills that will prepare them to take action, invest in themselves and evolve with an authentic sense of self and life! The guiding principles of the Becoming Curriculum stems from the belief that everyone already has their secret recipe to self and happiness; they just need to be guided in the right direction to uncover their purpose and live their most authentic, best life.

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